The Association works on behalf of its members to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling organic resources.

It aims to act as an advocate for the wider organics resource recovery and beneficial reuse industries and to represent their views in a constructive dialogue with policy makers. The Association envisages an industry in which best practice is shared, standards are maintained and surpassed, and which makes a positive contribution to safeguarding the environment.

To Protect

To protect, promote and advance the interests of the Industry in Australia;

To Promote

To promote and maintain good relations between the members and local government authorities, governments at all levels, firms, sole traders and the public;

To Represent

To represent the commercial interests of members and the Industry (within the confines of the Corporations Act 2001, Trade Practices Act and the several state Fair Trading Acts);

To Promote

To promote and encourage any technical or other form of education for the training and development of efficient employees of members, to establish and maintain educational institutions, to promote and organise lectures, addresses, demonstrations, exhibitions and other activities designed to improve and extend the knowledge of members and employees of members and to increase their efficiency;

To Enter

To enter into any affiliation or alliance with, or to promote or assist in the promotion of, any other association, company, firm or organisation, having objects similar to or shown to benefit the members of AORA;

To Do

To do all other lawful things as resolved by the Board to be in the interests of a member(s), or the Industry;

To Adopt

To adopt any additional objects from time to time as determined by the Board.

Our Constitution