It’s all about Organics

AORA works on behalf of its members including processors, associate industries, educators and all levels of Government to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling organic resources.

We act as an advocate for the wider organics resource recovery and beneficial reuse industries and represent their views in a constructive dialogue with policy makers. AORA envisages an industry where best practice is shared, standards are maintained and surpassed and which makes a positive contribution to safeguarding the environment. 

AORA is the leading industry organisation and the peak industry body for the Recycled Organics Industry in Australia. It represents a modern, proactive association within the wider resource recovery and organics management industry. 

We represent:

  • The recovery and composting of organic resources.

  • The collection, sorting and/or processing of recyclable organic materials, suitable for reuse as products beneficial to the environment.

  • The management and operation of materials recovery, recycling, reprocessing and similar facilities and sites.

  • All other activities incidental to the conduct of the organics recovery and recycling industry.

Member Benefits

AORA runs members meetings, workshops, field days and other events across Australia throughout the course of the year to ensure that initiatives, information and more is easily accessible to the industry. AORA runs an annual conference that is the principal conference event in Australia for the recycled organics industry. Each conference is a forum for education, discussion and networking related to organics recycling. As a member, you (and your staff) are entitled to attend free events across the year as well as discounted members rates for all paid events.

Industry Development

  • Association support & advocacy on behalf of key membership issue
    • Regulatory changes
    • Policy advocacy
    •  Standards and specifications
  • Access to AORA calendar of events
  • Linkages with allied industry suppliers & technical advisers
  • Regular industry updates
  • Discounted exhibitor rates at AORA events
  • Use of AORA logo for co-branding 
  • Regular AORA newsletters. 

Business Development Benefits

  • Ordinary (processing) members free listing on ‘Find A Composter’
  • Access to regional networks via AORA regional chapters
  • Access & input into research & trials
  • Reciprocal Association Agreements
  • State Based Regulatory Change Updates
  • Networking opportunities
  • Ability to influence State and Federal Government policy as part of a unified and representative industry body
  • Ability to list and promote your own events on AORA calendar or newsletter
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Access to potential clients via end user targeted events
  • Access to fact sheets and case studies.  

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(All memberships are subject to AORA Board Approval)