The Industry Association for Organics Recycling

The Australian Organics Recycling Association Limited (AORA) was established in 2012 as a result of the growth of the organics composting and recycling industry in Australia and the desire of processors to have independence from the waste industry. 

AORA has a broad membership associated with the use and promotion of recycled organics. AORA provides the industry with a focused united voice and will lobby all levels of government on behalf of our members.

It’s all about Organics

AORA works on behalf of its members including processors, associate industries, educators and all levels of Government to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling organic resources.

We act as an advocate for the wider organics resource recovery and beneficial reuse industries and represent their views in a constructive dialogue with policy makers. AORA envisages an industry where best practice is shared, standards are maintained and surpassed and which makes a positive contribution to safeguarding the environment. 

AORA is the leading industry organisation and the peak industry body for the Recycled Organics Industry in Australia. It represents a modern, proactive association within the wider resource recovery and organics management industry. 

We represent:

  • The recovery and composting of organic resources.

  • The collection, sorting and/or processing of recyclable organic materials, suitable for reuse as products beneficial to the environment.

  • The management and operation of materials recovery, recycling, reprocessing and similar facilities and sites.

  • All other activities incidental to the conduct of the organics recovery and recycling industry.

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