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SA Mushrooms

SA Mushrooms
Waterloo Corner, SA
SA Mushrooms
153 Tozer Road
Waterloo Corner, SA, 5110

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 4.30pm

Sat Closed

Sun Closed 

About Us

SA Mushrooms has grown to become the largest privately owned mushroom farm in South Australia. From small beginnings as a family-run farm, the business is today a primary supplier of mushrooms to major supermarkets, independent greengrocers and produce markets in South Australia, and nation wide.


The mushroom industry is the ultimate recycler. Mushroom food is made from wheat straw, poultry litter, other organic materials, gypsum and water. When carefully combined, they provide the perfect nutrient-rich medium for production of high-quality mushrooms.

Once the mushroom crop is harvested, the mushroom substrate goes back into the environment as a highly sought-after potting mix and garden mulch. The cycle is complete.

Spent Mushroom Compost is sold to local market gardeners and packaged into 30 lts bags sold in around 30 retail stores and online across Adelaide. 


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