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Worm Tech Pty Ltd

Worm Tech - Carrathool Composting Facililty
Worm Tech Pty Ltd
Yenda, NSW
Worm Tech Pty Ltd
Farm 803 Wood Road
Yenda, NSW, 2681

About Us

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Worm Tech have combined our knowledge of Vermiculture, Composting & Agriculture to process Local Organic Waste Streams into Quality Compost. Member of AORA - Australian Organics Recycling Association.
This is a carefully managed and complicated process. Every batch made gets Biologically and chemically tested to ensure the highest standards are maintained through the Soil Web Institute. Our compost is made at our Carrathool Composting Facility which is fully licensed through the NSW Environmental Protection Authority.

The outcome is a rich compost which will benefit all soil types. The addition of Compost greatly improves soil condition, water holding capacity, nutrient uptake, as well as increasing biology and organic structure within the soil. Our compost is odorless and stable ready for land application.
Our Compost is Ideal for Farming Application, Gardens, Parks, Community Gardens, Golf Courses, Race courses etc. For Further Information or Pricing Phone: 0427681921


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