Dominator De-packaging units from CEA

Are you in the waste or recycling sector?
Are you looking to de-package materials?

Let us introduce you to the Dominator De-Packaging unit, crated out of industry feedback to solve problems with de-packaging waste materials.

The Dominator Waste DE packaging Machine separates outer packaging from inside waste, enabling reuse and recycling of waste that would have otherwise been sent straight to landfill.

The increasing importance of finding alternatives to landfill is a conversation that is being had all around the world, with the Australian Government placing new initiatives within the renewables waste sector.

Waste food is a fast-growing issue for many companies, councils and manufacturers and much of the waste generated cannot be accepted straight in to the manufacturers process, as it requires some degree of separation or removal of outer waste packaging before it can be processed.

The waste DE packaging process is crucial in getting suitable food waste material into compost and waste plants, that is used in putting food back in to animal feeds, pushing a circular economy. Separated packaging can then be sent for recycling; further saving waste and potentially adding additional revenue lines.

The Dominator is a single shaft machine that is electrically operated, each unit uses paddles for product destruction, pushing materials through a customisable screening system, separating food from its packaging. This machine is capable of separating a vast arrangement of raw materials, including separation between plaster from paper and pharmaceutical packaging. 

The Dominators clever, compact design comes in two layouts, maximising output while minimising space and overall footprint.

Dominator – standard can be setup for VI automation as it features a hopper, screw feeders both before and after, along with many options available around the desired finished product.

The Dominator – LR is an all-in-one unit to use in smaller operations.

Providing a wide range of screen selections and different tools are available depending on product and production requirements.

Each machine can be designed to integrate in to existing production lines or as a complete standalone system.

Waste Management is a complex conversation, however advancements in machinery are making the conversation possible with every day Australians, such as the Dominator and if you are interested in how these machines can assist your business achieve greener goals and a circular economic solution, get in contact today:

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