7:30am Thursday, 21 September 2023
10:00am Thursday, 21 September 2023
Hunter Multicultural Communities Centre
2a Platt Street
Waratah, New South Wales 2298




Thursday 21 September  7.30am – 10.00am

Hunter Multicultural Communities Centre 2a Platt Street, Waratah New South Wales 2298


THIS PAGE IS ONLY FOR BOOKING THE DOUBLE TICKET SPECIAL - If you would like to purchase a single ticket, please go to this page



$24.50 per ticket or $40 per double for Members (incl. AIEN members - please email Alex for an invoice -

$35 each or $50 per double for Non -Members

Please read this carefully - if you would like to purchase a double ticket, you must do so via this page.     If you would like make a mixed purchase, ie. one double and a single, please add the double to your cart first, and then add the single afterwards - they will combine at checkout.   



BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)  - our system works best on Chrome Browsers.    

How to use our booking system  (can be paid by credit card or invoice - payment must be received in our account prior to the event) 



Our booking system uses your email address to identify whether you are a member or not, therefore the system defaults to 1 ticket at a time (you will not be able to select more than one in the basket)  

To book your ticket, type in your email and click lookup.  If the system identifies you as a member, it will auto-populate your information and you can just add any dietary requirements.   If you need to purchase another ticket for another member, there is the option to add another in at the bottom of the box (do this as many times as you need for your booking and you can use your email to simplify the process.)  Then you will be able to go to the cart and proceed through the checkout as one bulk purchase. 

If you are a member, but it doesn't recognise your email address it means you are not linked to your business membership (and it will not apply member pricing to this ticket.)

To solve this you have two options  -1)  go to and click the button that says sign up for an account to connect.  Put your email in here and click look up, find your business name (it may be listed as the registered trading name of the business) and click connect.  Your membership account administrator will need to approve your connection.  They simply need to login into their account and approve you.   

Option 2)  Send an email to Alex (  with the subject  Membership Connection Needed.  In the email please include the full name of the staff member, their email address and the registered/trading name of your business. Alex will endeavour to get your staff member linked as quickly as possible.  



For non-members, your email will not be found during lookup.  All you have to do is fill out your info and when you get to the checkout, you will be able to create a website user account to enable your transaction to take place in the secure payment portal. Our systems adds one person to a cart at a time, so if you need to purchase a second ticket,  the option will pop up.   

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Lisa Lepore

For event enquiries please contact Lisa 

For ticketing enquiries please contact Alex via

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