The range of Komptech Drum Screen’s offer a robust, solutions-built machine based on many years of experience in the industry. Fitted with an extensive list of options the machines have been designed to meet a broad range of individual needs.


In modern material management, screening continues to be a major step within the process. Komptech Drum Screens perform this key process step highly effectively, reflecting on innovative technology and maximum customer benefit. The product range covers three size ranges that are designed to meet market needs. The medium capacity Primus and Maxx series have been in use for years, and are tough, proven machines. A step up in capacity is the Nemus, combining proven solutions and innovative details with maximum operator convenience and performance.


The Komptech drum screen demonstrates its talent for screening when used for composting. Controllable hopper and drum rotation speeds allow precise material alignment, while overfilling of the drum is prevented by load-dependent hopper control. In the drum itself, a screw conveyor ensures the screen area is fully utilised. A standard screen drum or a drum with exchangeable screen segments can be used for screening, depending on requirements.


Komptech drum screens are also effective with high-bulk material. This is because the machines feed hopper is tailored to the drum size and the steep hopper sides prevent bridging, while a conveyor with T-cleats feeds the material into the drum reliably. Extended discharge belts allow for high piles, and with a width of up to 1000 mm there are no blockages on the conveyor belt.


Heavy materials aren’t an issue for Komptech drum screens either. Solid contraries are kept back by a hinged hopper pre-screen. A hopper belt controller prevents skewing of the belt, while drums with up to 10 mm wall thickness allow for long service life. Controllable belt speed and bolt-on cleats on the oversize fraction belt keep stones from rolling back.


The ample space between screen drum and side walls also makes operation with large screen hole sizes smooth. For these hole sizes in particular, outside scrapers are more effective than circular brushes for drum cleaning. For residual waste screening, a special drum with anti-dirt strips is also available. Large side doors and flaps provide simple access for cleaning and servicing.


The Nemus really is a class unto itself, combining proven practices of its predecessors with new solutions for more convenience and higher performance. The large steepwalled hopper, and the screen drum with its improved material feed and high-performance discharge system, harmonize perfectly with the proven, robust diesel-hydraulic drive. The control with visualization makes operation easier, and the longer discharge conveyors up to 5.5 metres boost flexibility in use.

Practical details like the easy-cleaning two-stage radiator induction screen, larger material intake support wheels and the extremely good access to all maintenance points reflect the close attention that was paid to customer feedback.


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