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Green Solutions Wide Bay

Green Solutions Wide Bay
Qunaba, QLD
Green Solutions Wide Bay
417 Windermere Road
Qunaba, QLD, 4670
Monday-9am - 5pm
Tuesday-9am - 5pm
Wednesday-9am - 5pm
Thursday-9am - 5pm
Friday-9am - 5pm
Saturday-9am - 5pm
Sunday-9am - 5pm

About Us

Green Solutions Wide Bay uses cutting edge technology with industry best practices to ensure a smoother process and “greener” end result. At our site, we accept GREEN WASTE ONLY (at no charge).  Items that fall under that category include garden trimmings, lawn clippings, and tree trunks and branches. While composting creates value from green waste, when illegally dumped into natural areas they can wreak havoc on ecosystems and require expensive cleanup efforts. Our facility offers a convenient opportunity for Wide Bay residents to drop off their green waste at no cost.  Creating green waste compost contributes to making natural enhancers that restore lost nutrients to the soil, helps the soil to retain water, and makes it less vulnerable to erosion. 


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