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Repurpose It

We recover resources and give them new life.
Repurpose It
Epping, VIC
Repurpose It
460 Cooper Street
Epping, VIC, 3076

Mon - Fri 6.30am - 5pm
Sat 6.30am - 2pm
Sun Closed

About Us

Repurpose It operates from our own company owned resource recovery precinct in Epping.
We have a passion for sustainability and helping our customer's achieve their recycling targets.

Repurpose It exists to make premium quality repurposed materials accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to eliminate waste and pollution through closed loop resource recovery and we believe that closed loop waste systems are essential if we are to preserve our resources for the next generation.

We will recycle 100% organic waste in to premium landscaping materials.

Contact us at for further information.


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