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Veolia Bulla Resource Recovery

Veolia Bulla Resource Recovery
Bulla, VIC
Veolia Bulla Resource Recovery
600 Sunbury Rd
Bulla, VIC, 3428

About Us

The Veolia organic waste facility, located in Bulla, 30km North of Melbourne, will use state-of-the-art Australian-made technology to turn thousands of tonnes of organic waste into high-grade composts and mulches.  The Bulla organic waste facility processes 85,000 tonnes of green organics, lawn clippings, garden waste and food scraps annually. The highly efficient facility will convert the otherwise landfill-bound waste into approximately 60,000 tonnes of high-grade composts (40,000T) and mulches (20,000T), which will, in turn, be sold to local garden centres (soil production and landscape companies), civil construction, horticulture, viticulture and our largest network of broad acre farmers producing our everyday food needs. The end product aims to increase the carbon within the soil to ultimately improve soil health.


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