Billabong Compost

Billabong Compost
Little Billabong, NSW
Billabong Compost
105 Little Billabong Road
Little Billabong, NSW, 2644
Monday-9am - 5pm
Tuesday-9am - 5pm
Wednesday-9am - 5pm
Thursday-9am - 5pm
Friday-9am - 5pm
Saturday-9am - 5pm
Sunday-9am - 5pm

About Us

Our passion for compost began in 2008, after purchasing Little Billabong Station. The farm had suffered years of drought, overstocking, with large areas of erosion, and depleted soils. We researched ways to regenerate the soils, with compost being the most sustainable, chemical free and achievable way.   Composting also would partner well with our organic/holistic farming principles, including minimal chemical inputs. Applying compost would provide organic matter to the surface soil, vastly improving the physical, chemical and biological properties, producing healthier soils with increased fertility.


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