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Dulverton Waste Management

Dulverton Organic Compost
Dulverton Waste Management
Devonport, TAS
Dulverton Waste Management
Level 1/35 Stewart Street
Devonport, TAS, 7310

About Us

Established in November 2008, the Dulverton Organics Compost Facility is the largest composting facility in Tasmania, accepting approximately 20,000 tonnes of organic material per annum from suppliers across the state. This facility was opened to offer clients a cleaner and more sustainable by-product management option and to provide the community with an affordable high quality organic compost.

Dulverton Organics Compost is made to a strict scientifically calculated formula, using only high quality organic material sourced from suppliers across Tasmania. To ensure suitability, nutrient and element analysis’ are taken of the organic inputs prior to introducing them to the process.

Ingredients include garden green waste, supermarket organic waste, woodchips, by-products from the processing of animals, fish, dairy and vegetables, animal straw and manure, and biosolids.

This diverse mix of ingredients makes for a nutrient rich final product, which resembles rich dark soil with a dry weight of approximately 700kg/m³.

The organic material is mixed in specific ratios to ensure optimum nutrient and composting outcomes are achieved and then it is formed into windrows. Over the 16 week composting process the windrows are monitored regularly for moisture, temperature and oxygen levels. The 3 parameters are maintained within our pre-determined tight tolerances in accordance with our Environmental Management System and the Australian Standard for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches (AS 4454).

Once a windrow has finished composting and has been tested to ensure compliance with AS 4454, it is screened to less than 16mm to produce Dulverton Organics Compost – a final product that is weed and pathogen free, nutrient rich, granular and easy to spread.