Wood Fibre – the new frontier in Growing Media


The world needs growing media to sustain the estimated increase and demand in feeding a growing world population.  Wood fibre technology is the new frontier for horticulture industries using sustainable products and help reduce carbon emissions. 

The realities in Europe with the reduction of Peat and Coir in growing media is due to the environmental impact plus the global supply chain constraints with added cost.

Wood fibre is different to peat and coir; however, its proven properties compliment or supplements with other materials in the development of quality growing media mix.  Locally produced wood fibre with locally sourced raw materials wood chips, provides an engineered sustainable solution in growing media mixes for both retail and professional markets.

Premier Tech Wood Fibre Line is the new frontier.

Energy efficient (143 kW) low power demand is specifically designed to be your direct local source and production of wood fibre.

Be part of the solution, the global demand for growing media and soilless substrates is expected to increase dramatically, estimated to be more than 400% by the year 2050.  And as the demand for plant-based diet play a vital role to reduce impact on our planet, sustainable materials will be required to help grow more plants to feed a growing world population.


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