Training Program for AORA South Australian Processing Members

A solid industry recognized qualification and industry work-placement are together priceless in providing foundational skills and a framework of thinking from which a young person’s career takes shape and which underpins best-practice operations for employers.

AORA SA Branch have received a Skilling South Australia Grant that will generate funding of approximately $5K per participant for a program of training to develop industry ready Composting Operators, with a level of skills attainment recognized nationally within the commercial composting industry. Four AORA SA Branch Processing Members, Peats Soil and Garden Supplies, Jeffries Group, SA Composters, and North Waste Composting and Recycling have collectively indicated they will put forward a minimum of ten people for the training program, all will be existing employees.

The training program follows engagement with AORA SA Processing Members via a survey to understand Composting Operator skills requirements.

Thanks to the funding AORA SA will be engaging interstate Registered Training Provider, 4 Up Skilling to deliver a Certificate III in Commercial Composting, with eleven Units of Competency, UoC in two face-to-face training clusters of 3 or 4 days, one in mid-June and one in mid-July.

The training program will also involve supervision in the work-place and assessment, similar to a traineeship. The UoC have been selected in consultation with AORA SA Branch Processing Members and have a heavy emphasis on compost quality and fire prevention and management.

AORA SA Branch are ensuring that that training will reflect industry currency and best-practice by working with 4-UP-Skilling to integrate presentations from local industry experts in areas relating to compost quality and fire response. In addition, AORA SA have facilitated local training provider Fire & Rescue Australia Training to provide a practical introduction on fire response.

Other Skills Training 

AORA SA received feedback from members that both safety and quality are linked to sound skills in operating equipment on a daily basis. In response AORA SA have organized for participants in the training programs to also complete a 3-day training course in Front End Loader Operation or Excavator Operation, or a 1-day assessment course. Participants will also undertake either a Fork-Lift License or A First Aid Training Certificate.

AORA SA will be engaging with training providers to ensure that where possible these training opportunities are customized to the composting industries workforce requirements and that they are linked with the AHC32216 CIII in Commercial Composting training.

Compost Operators as Trainees in South Australia

The Project allows for AORA SA to prepare an application to the SA Training and Skills Commission for Commercial Composting Operator to be added to the list of DECLARED VOCATIONS UNDER THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN TRADES AND VOCATIONS UNDER THE TRAINING AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ACT 2008. This would allow AORA SA Members to more easily train their new or existing compost operators in the future using nationally recognized training course bespoke to the South Australian commercial composting sector, by taking on employees as Trainees.

To Register Interest

AORA SA Processing Members are welcome to nominate existing or new employees to be part of this training by the end of April and should contact Uma to register their interest. Limited place are available.

COVID 2019 Contingency Plan

A contingency plan in response to COVID19 is presently being considered by AORA SA should social-distancing and other measures still be in place when the training is scheduled to commence in mid-June (a traditionally quieter period for the composting industry). Contingency Plans being considered include a series of webinars that participants can complete from their own location.

Whilst face-to-face training is considered most desirable this may not be possible.  Webinar delivery will be an option that we explore and the lead training provider, 4-Up-Skilling are highly experienced in providing web-based delivery to remote students training for qualifications piggery and poultry management.

Cost per participant

$200 for each training participant (employees of the four AORA SA Processing Members taking part).

For more information please contact Uma Preston

,SA Secretary and Policy Officer