AORA Partner News - Two are better than one EDGE Trommels for Biomix

Ronan McKenna (left) FOCUS, Nick Marshall site supervisor for Biomix and Biomix’s CEO, Vanessa Lenihan with their first EDGE TRT622

Biomix have recently purchased their second EDGE TRT622 trommel screen in less than 12 months to add to their processing plant in Victoria

Biomix is a privately owned composting facility producing high quality organic compost which is used to improve soil health and productivity. They have been utilising innovative technologies - such as the EDGE Innovative organic recycling solutions with the experience of Australian partners FOCUS enviro - and taking a forward-thinking approach to managing over a 100,000 tonnes of green organics p.a.

Biomix unveiled its premium compost facility at Stanhope about 2 years ago, and since then they have acquired three unique products manufactured by EDGE Innovate. This organics recycling solution comprised of the EDGE MPS48 Picking Station, EDGE FTS Mulch Master (deep stacker) and EDGE TRT622 Trommel had replaced a series of conventional machines traditionally used for composting.

With a strong uptake of food and organics (FOGO) collections from councils, along with a changing regulatory environment - the need to embrace new technology and processes is more important than ever in Australia.

The benefits can be seen since the installation of the existing EDGE Trommel which has allowed Biomix to produce a 10 millimetre-minus product, says Biomix’s CEO Vanessa Lenihan, and this screen has doubled throughput plus more,  “With the growing demand for our finished product it was a no brainer to replicate the EDGE Trommel we already had in place.  Moving towards this particular screening solution has greatly reduced our labour and maintenance cost. The guys at FOCUS enviro are very attentive to our needs and realise that our equipment need to be at maximum capacity.”

The TRT622 screen is ideal for multiple applications such as topsoil, recycling, composting and construction and demolition waste. The TRT622 comprises a 180-degree radial conveyor, a unique load sensing hydraulic drive system, eco-power saving functionality and a user-friendly HMI control panel to suit varying applications. It’s 7m drum allows it to produce enhanced screening results and top-quality fine materials such as compost, gravel, sand and topsoil easily.

Ronan McKenna, FOCUS enviro has the last word, “It’s always good to see such a progressive company such as Biomix appreciate that FOCUS enviro’s processing solutions are leading the way in organic recycling. FOCUS enviro has been on the front line to support the FOGO movement and requirements of customers throughout Australia, together with our international partners EDGE Innovate.

We continue to shape our product knowledge alongside companies like Biomix, so to be able to offer purpose-built solutions to meet the on-going challenges with safety and material quality being at the forefront.”


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