Navigate to the relevant event page and scroll down to the green box at the bottom.  Click on purchase event.  Type in your email, and press lookup - if you are associated with a member organisation, it will come up with your details and you can continue to cart. Once you have added the ticket to your cart, the members price will be applied.  

If you are a staff member of a member organisation and it does not recognise this, it is because your organisation account administrator has not linked you to the membership.  The easiest way to do this is to go to and click the button that says sign up for an account to connect.  Put your details in here and this will send a notification to the account administrator. They need to login and approve you.  Once this is done, you can then purchase for the member price.  (Please note this is just a one off process to link you to the business membership in the new AORA system).