Increasing Farm Productivity with Recycled Organics Seminar

8:30am Wednesday, 14 August 2019
12:30pm Wednesday, 14 August 2019
Kay Brothers
57 Kays Road
McLaren Vale, South Australia 5171

This seminar introduces what’s possible with good organics management in the farm in lifting yields and improving soil consistency and water holding capacity.
Hear about the latest soil monitoring and application techniques.

• AORA SA Associates will be the speakers: Ash Martin from Microbiology Laboratories Australia, Michael Eyres and Ed Scott of Field Systems Australia and Oli Madgett of Platfarm put heads together to present the fundamentals of soil management with an emphasis on soil monitoring and improvement.

• An introduction to management tools and thinking to better manage your vineyard. Our speakers will introduce principals of regenerative agriculture and  approaches for improving organic matter, soil carbon levels and general soil health that benefits the entire ecosystem not just the above ground vineyard canopy.

• Opportunities to meet SA Australian Organics Recycling Association Processing Members and learn more about their products and services. Growers have the option to take their learnings further with a soil consultation and testing opportunity available through Microbiology Laboratories following this event.

Event Cost:  
Non-Members - $38.50 (incl GST)

Members - $30.80 (incl GST) - will be applied once in the cart.  
Includes morning tea

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Contact Information

Uma Preston, SA Secretary and Policy Officer

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