Dune Capping and Sand Cupping in Broadacre Farming

10:00am Monday, 19 April 2021
2:00pm Monday, 19 April 2021
Peats Soils Farm, Brinkley
Kangaroo Rd
Brinkley, South Australia 5253

A closer look at Dune Capping and Sand Cupping in Broadacre Farming
Peats Soils Farm, Brinkley
Mon 19th April 10am – 2pm

An opportunity for commercial broadacre farmers and members of the Australian Organics Recycling Association to discuss practical emerging techniques for applying compost products to improve sandy soil performance.

Demonstrations and inspiring speakers:
✓ Mick Wadewitz, Farm Manager at Peats Soils on novel application methods for applying compost products including Dune Capping and Sand Cupping.
✓ Michael Eyres and Edward Scott, soil and land management advisors with Field Systems will describe examples of targeted compost applications and outcomes in a broadacre crop setting.
✓ A focus on compost application for reducing erosion and increasing moisture retention in sandy soils.
✓ Soil Pits (with soil scientist Ed Scott) will provide an opportunity to see and understand how compost application affects soil performance to differing horizons and the root profile distribution.
✓ BBQ Lunch provided.


This event is specifically for AORA Members and Commercial Farmers.    If you are an AORA Member you must book and pay through the online booking system (see instructions below)  AORA Member cost is $55 incl GST.    

If you are a Commercial Farmer- do not use this system!   Your attendance is FREE, but you must book via this link instead.   FARMERS BOOK HERE

If you are not an AORA Member or a Commercial Farmer, please contact Uma Preston at sasecretary@aora.org.au  or on 0452 537 266 about attendance.   


Directions to event will be provided after registration, but venue is near Brinkley/Langhorne Creek.



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Contact Information

For any assistance with ticketing please contact Alex on alex@aora.org.au

For any information about the event, please contact Uma Preston

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