National Conference

AORA National Conference 2017


The AORA National Conference 2017 took place in Adelaide during International Compost Awareness Week from 10-12 May.

The highly popular AORA National Conference for the organics recycling and composting industry showcased over three days included workshops, networking opportunities, professional development, keynote speakers, panels, case studies, focused sessions, site tours, and a Gala Dinner.

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Day One: The Intercontinental Composting Clinic

Science, Selected Secrets and Sensational Stories of Decomposition - run by Matthew Cotton and Dr Bob Rynk 

Join Matt Cotton and Bob Rynk for a day of composting wisdom and learning.Matt and Bob will offer their knowledge about how to produce better compost with less trouble. Starting with selected lessons from their “Foundations of Composting” workshop, Matt and Bob will present a short clinic on composting science and best practices. Topics will include key factors affecting the composting process, the influence of aeration and turning, advantages and limitations of forced aeration, fire prevention and the always present odour conversation. The session will be an open forum with abundant opportunities for questions and sharing of experience among participants.

Case Studies

Lean Composting: Improving efficiency and adding Value Tom Wetherill, Veolia
Pastures Jono Craven, Gippsland Water
Vegetables Graham Brookman, Food Forest
Humic Soil Conditioner David Bonser, Amiterre Ag Solutions
Cropping David Hall, Organic Balance
Sports Turf Paul Lamble, Lake Macquarie City Council

Day Two: Conference, keynote speakers, Q&A sessions

Keynote speakers include:

Circular Economies in Europe: Jane Gilbert, Environmental Services Professional

Recycled Organics Role in the Circular Economy: Vaughan Levitzke, Green Industries SA

Day Three: Industry Tours

Points of interest include: 
Peats Soils, Brinkley - Steps towards a circular economy 
Local Winery to view compost mulches
Compost mulches for horticulture / Jeffries site (Buckland Park)
Veggie growers



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