AORA National Policies

2016 AORA Policies (due for review in early 2017)

Organics to Landfill

AORA supports any policy which diverts organic resources from landfill and given appropriate notice periods, AORA encourages all regulators to ban unprocessed organic resources from landfill as long as the necessary infrastructure, education and regulation have had full consideration.


Definition of Compost

AORA believes that correctly processed and pasteurised compost should under no circumstances be classified as waste. While the inputs could come under the classification of waste, the point at which the combined materials has been pasteurised and matured under the Australian Standards is when it should no longer be classed as waste.


Carbon and Emissions Reduction

AORA recognises the immense value of healthy soils in achieving emissions reductions as well as increasing food production which is achieved through increasing organic matter within soils. Healthy soils can play a major role in achieving our emissions targets through sequestrating carbon within the soils and the vegetation growing within it.



AORA supports the ban on all single-use non-compostable plastics, including plastic bags of all gauges, agricultural films and packaging which cannot be reused, recovered or recycled in any way. The use of compostable bags and plastics which meet the requirements of AS4736 and AS5810 as verified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association allows for more effective source separation and organic resource processing.


Beneficial Reuse

AORA believes that all organic resources should be utilised to their highest potential depending on the specific characteristics of the resource, locality, markets and other unique circumstances. AORA supports various uses of organic resources (other than landfill), however, a major priority is to supplement Australia’s degraded soils to improve production and yields.

If you have a policy idea or feedback on the above policies, please email AORA’s Executive Director, Martin Tower at